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transportation systems

Cross-intersectional inter-operational manual transportation system

Cross-intersectional inter-operational manual transportation systems present an ideal solution

for inter-operational transportation of processing parts within the powder paint spaying

production areas of small and medium size.

Cross-intersectional transportation system "ELEM" presents itself a combination of self-bearing constructions, longitudinal monorail ways for transportation of carriages, transfer device with transportation track and transportation carriages for parts' suspending. "ELEM" transportation system is original and reliable, its design is covered by the patent.

Cross-intersectional transportation system ensures safe transportation of the parts suspended to the carriages within the powder paint spraying production area.

The part that is suspended to the transportation carriage makes travel on longitudinal monorail track in manual mode, carriage transfer to the other longitudinal track takes place by means of the transferring device. Thus, the inter-operational parts' transfer is performed with minimum rate of manual labor applied.

The transferring device of the transportation system is designed for the cross travel of transportation carriages. The transferring device presents itself the construction with four pairs of rollers, travelling on the cross double monorail track. The part of the monorail positioned longitudinal on the transferring system serves for overtaking of the carriages.

For matching of the monorail track with the longitudinal transportation ways serve spring holders connected with the manual disengage lever. Some models of transferring devices are equipped with carriage stoppers.

Each of longitudinal tracks is positioned in one of the production areas:

  • Suspending and taking parts out of the carriage
  • Powder paint spraying in spray chamber
  • Powder paint melting in melting furnace
  • Parts' cooling down
  • Additional operations (protective marking and parts' quality control).

Transportation carriages are made:

  • Of different carrying capacity
  • Different length
  • Rotary
  • With coupling devices ( ensure carriages' coupling for comfortable uploading when operating in a deep furnace
  • for transportation of voluminous parts

Cross-intersectional overhead transportation system "ELEM" can be supplied :

as a full complex: with transfer devices, transportation carriages, longitudinal monorails,

metallic constructions, documentation necessary for the assembly;

as a partial complex - with transfer devices, transportation carriages, set of working drawings for metallic constructions, documentation necessary for the assembly including lay-outs.

Adjusted and many times tested, transportation system itself along with the method of its correct configuration, structure and application definition ensure the most effective (from the view-point of productivity increase and production costs' optimizing) realization of the powder paint processing application.

The equipment is made according to TU U 29.2-14311548.008-2002