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jet systems



"ELEM" jet systems for surface preparation e are designed for degreasing, phosphatizing, cleansing and passivation of steel, aluminum and zinc galvanized items.

Treatment is performed by spraying items with warmed-up water solutions of special chemicals and cleansing with hot and/or cold water. For spraying easy detachable nozzles mounted on stainless pipe-headers are used.


  • self-bearing aggregate construction mounted on bath tanks ( aggregate and tanks made out of stainless steel).
  • groups of spraying contours (headers) placed inside the aggregate;
  • pumps, fittings;
  • control unit.


  • water supply and pumping over the baths' content;
  • automatic cascade water level maintenance in the bath;
  • bath heating with automatic temperature maintenance and control;
  • pump protection from working dry;
  • oil removal from the surface of solution degreasing area;

The aggregate is equipped with air-exhauster to remove the vapors being formed during the operation. Conveyor's chain runs above the aggregate's tunnel and is protected from vapor and moisture influence with the brush- separator. Drainage areas are equipped with spraying nozzles to ensure parts' wet conditioning. Drainage areas are provided with doors for servicing.

Rotary pumps of spraying contours are made out of stainless steel combined with the electric motors of protection class IR54. Aggregate's housing is warm insulated. Tanks of the heated up baths are warm insulated too. The bats' heating up can be made by choice of:

  • electric heating device of special design, that secure non-overheating of the solution in the contact zone with the surface of the heating device;
  • external heat exchanger with hot water feed ( hot water feeding is to be made by the Customer). Water temperature at the heat exchanger input is 90C. Water output temperature is 70C.

Devices for the surface preparation can be supplied in combination with furnaces for drying items from moisture.

Along with the equipment for the surface preparation "ELEM" presents for the Customers the frame technological solution for iron phosphatizing process:

Specification of the basic device for the surface preparation:

Baths' capacity, m3, not less, than 2
Number of areas for treatment, pcs 3
Drainage areas' number, pcs 3
Pressure in spraying system, mPa 0.12
Bath heating power, kWt 60
Transportation opening dimension, mm BxH 1000 x 1400

Device configuration can be chosen while making order based on: parts' size, conveyors' speed, number and kind of technological makes, heating method of working solutions.

Modular design of the device complies with any production demands and ensures qualitative realization of the technological process.

Standard models of free passage type are designed for non-stop operation mode: consequent treatment of the parts moving on conveyor in different aggregate's areas, i.e.: degreasing and phosphatizing- first washing-second washing-drying. Dead-end devices for surface preparation treatment have cyclic operation mode with parts' washing of simplified technological schema: degreasing simultaneously with iron phosphatizing, washing with cold water.


Station for wastes neutralization serves for cleaning manufacturing waters formed out of solutions' wastes and washing waters resulting from iron phosphatizing process.

Parameter of the manufacturing waters achieved after the neutralization make it possible to drainage them to the sewerage system, drains (mud) parameter achieved by the neutralization ( danger class four) allow their utilization by placing to slag-heaps.

Neutralization station presents combination of capacities, pumps, filtering and mixing equipment made out of stainless steel or standard construction steel with antirust coating paint.

Neutralization station functionally ensures drainage accumulation, separation of oil emulsion by filtration thorough the special ultra-filter or a filter with hydrophobic sorbent, reagent neutralization of sour drainage with lime milk, drainage clearing by precipitating or coagulation with further precipitation, mud separation with moisture content of ~ 70%, acidifying of cleaned drainage using "ELEM" equipment for drainage neutralization.


Treatment mode neutralization and cleaning of sour drainage after iron phosphatizing
Treatment method filtration, reagent neutralization, precipitation.
Energy carrier electricity:380v,50Hz, compressed air:0,6mPa.
Drainage volume, m3, minimum 4.5
Performance (volume of purified drainage), m3/hr, min 1
Installed electric power, kWt, max 15
Area taken by neutralization station equipment, m3 20